Britney Spears’ hair malfunctions definitely can’t get any worse than her famous shaved head incident of ’07. But we can all admit that losing a clump of hair extensions on the Planet Hollywood stage in Las Vegas is still pretty bad (not to mention pretty entertaining for us diehard fans to watch.) One lucky concertgoer caught Spears’ February 27 “Piece of Me” show and must have been that guy in the crowd with a camera the entire time. But that’s lucky for us, because he caught the moment when a huge chunk of blonde hair extensions falls off the back of her head and onto the floor on tape.

The star handles it just like you’d expect from a former Mousekeeter who’s been in show biz since she was eight. She truly has no clue it’s happening. Watch the Queen of Pop handle her business below:

Recent photos of Britney show her hair as a medium-length blonde lob. She’s also had a bob as recently as 2014, so you would think she’d be reaching for those hair extensions. But no, a true professional knows when to let the hair hit the floor.

The New York Daily News reports this isn’t the only wardrobe malfunction Brit has suffered during the “Piece of Me” tour. Her costume came completely undone in December 2013, forcing her dancers to come to the rescue. Thankfully, Britney’s residency at Planet Hollywood goes through 2017 and she performs almost every night. She’s bound to slip, trip, or curse between now and then. If you go, bring your cell phone!

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