I propose a new rule for body scrubs: it’s not allowed to take up real estate in your bathtub unless you’re sure it’s scoured off, like, six layers of skin while you use it.

Fig + Yarrow’s Cardamom + Coffee Body Scrub is one such scrub: it sloughs off the dead skin and then some, all in all leaving you to feel like a new woman (in a good way). After a few showers with this, I’m convinced flimsier scrubs should have to call themselves body washes from now on.

Product: Fig + Yarrow Cardamom + Coffee Body Scrub

Price: $48

We Think:


How to Use: This body scrub comes in a hefty 16 oz jar that you just scoop out with your hand. I used about a handful to scrub my husband’s back and shoulders in the shower and he used a little less than a handful on mine. I’ve also used it on the dry, scaly skin on my feet. Keep it away from your face/vagina/boobs and other delicate areas, though!

Results: The smell that Fig + Yarrow Cardamom + Coffee Body Scrub releases in your shower is incredible — like one of those fancy coffee shops that sell a latte for $6. The smell of cardamom is equally present as well and it’s truly indulgent. For what it’s worth, my not-at-all-metrosexual-in-the-slightest husband enjoyed the scent as well.The main ingredients are coffee and cane sugar, so this is a very gritty scrub. Together, they are a skin sloughing superpower! I have this weird combination of dry skin and backne, so I loved how fresh and clean my shoulders and back felt afterwards. I’ve made DIY coffee scrubs before using old coffee grinds around the house, which were admittedly kinda lame in comparison. The ingredients in this extra-fancy scrub, like caster oil, cocoa, coconut and shea butter, make a huge difference in quality.

The only thing to keep in mind with this scrub is messy. The grounds do get all over your shower floor and get stuck, grossly so, to any hairs swirling around your shower drain. Fig + Yarrow Cardamom + Coffee Body Scrub is an indulgent splurge for showertime, but keep in mind that you’re also signing yourself up for cleaning the tub more often.

Disclaimer: I received Fig + Yarrow Cardamom + Coffee Body Scrub as a sample.

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