This girly sugar scrub from Lalicious is a real treat in the bath — and not just because it’s made with pure sugar cane. It leaves your skin feeling moisturized and your shower smelling like the inside of a bakery.Product: Lalicious Sugar Kiss Sugar ScrubPrice: $34Tags:


How to Use It: Lalicious Sugar Kiss Sugar Scrub is 100% natural and made with honey, coconut and almond oils. I mostly used it as an exfoliator on the driest part of my body: my feet. Because it’s thick but sorta mushy, I needed a lot of product (perhaps a silver dollar-sized amount) to really be able to exfoliate. After a bit of scrubbing, it washes off easily — much more easily than scrubs using, for example, coffee grounds — and left my skin feeling so moisturized that it was slightly oily to the touch.Results: I enjoyed using Lalicious scrub on my feet they felt moisturized and my bathroom smelled like a sugary bakery. However, this is not a particularly intense scrub. It’s fairly gentle. If exfoliation is what you need, there are many other body scrubs (such as the Tastyface sea salt scrubs) that slough off dead skin much more thoroughly. I also probably would not want my skin to feel oily to the touch elsewhere on my body, lest my clothes get greasy.In my opinion, the selling point of this Lalicious scrub is the lovely smell and cute, girly packaging. In my opinion, this would be a great “fancy” gift for teenaged girls or tweens.Disclaimer: I received Lalicious Sugar Scrub as a sample from