Madonna collaborated with Too Faced. Kylie OG feuded with Kylie Jenner over which Kylie Cosmetics deserves to be called Kylie. And Rihanna turned into a beauty guru. It’s only fair that Hailey Bieber would jump on the celebrity makeup brand train. It’s not a bad idea to leverage celebrity status with a product. Word on the street is the stunning model and full-time wifey Hailey Bieber is about to launch her own makeup line. But so far there aren’t any details or confirmation from her. So is this new and much-anticipated makeup line really happening?

According to social media gossip and a few news outlets, Hailey Baldwin submitted an application to start her own makeup line under the name of “Bieber Beauty.” Unfortunately, she hit a bit of a snag. “Bieber Beauty” might not the most suitable name for Hailey. It seems the application name might create confusion with her own husband, the Canadian singer, and songwriter, Justin Bieber’s trademark, which consist mainly of body care products and cosmetics. The trademark office turned down her application, despite blessing from her husband. While we all love Hailey, all the Beliebers out there probably don’t want her encroaching on their beloved singer’s name.

Apparently, Hailey Baldwin Bieber applied for the name Bieber Beauty about a month after marrying the pop star Justin Bieber. That was a speedy application! So far, no alternative has been confirmed. Makes us wonder if she’s applying with a name that has a more creative twist to it. Our bets are on Hailey Beauty.

We are still excited while we wait for more news. She always looks flawless, so we can’t help but wonder what she’ll introduce. Special formula for forever lasting lipsticks? Show-stopping mascaras? The girl is known for her nude and rose palettes, so we’re waiting for something ultra-feminine and fashion-forward.