As we get older, we start to care more about being creative and trendy with our Halloween costumes, and less about being basic. Long gone are the days of being a bunny or maid. Halloween is all about creativity. And I don’t know about you, but I’m not about spending hundreds of dollars on pre-made Halloween costumes from a Halloween store, either.

I want to do something creative, without spending a lot of money, and look super cool. With all the new TV shows and movies of the past year, there are endless trendy and creative costumes you can recreate. Here are some iconic and stylish Halloween costumes that are perfect for someone looking to do something unique:


Jules, Maddy, Cassie, Rue- the options are endless. If you don’t know what “Euphoria” is, it’s the HBO show that took society by storm. Wearing a “Euphoria” costume is simple: all you need is lots of glitter, bright colors, and bold makeup. Recreate one of the many iconic looks from the show or put together your look using colorful eyeshadow and cool clothes.

Ashley O.

Everyone loves a good Miley Cyrus x Black Mirror moment, and Ashley O. is just that. Everyone knows Ashley O. from the iconic Black Mirror episode and being her for Halloween is super easy. All you need is a white crop top, glittery shorts, and a purple bob wig and you’ve got yourself a unique Halloween costume.

Britney Spears

The ’90s are in style, making dressing up as Britney Spears an obvious choice. And when it comes to Britney Spears, the Halloween options are endless. Choose her iconic outfit from Baby One More Time (check out our tutorial!) or go for something a little less common, such as one of her ’90s outfits from a carpet appearance.

Stranger Things

This season of Stranger Things makes the perfect Halloween costume because it was all about the ’80s, and who doesn’t love dressing up like that. Dress as Eleven with a scrunchie, suspenders, and neon printed button-up. Or, get yourself a Scoops Ahoy top and pair it with any pair of pants to make yourself an honorary member of the Scoops Ahoy squad.

Lizzie McGuire

We all say the announcement that Lizzie McGuire was making a comeback making it the perfect Halloween costume. Lizzie McGuire was all about fun colors, cute hair accessories, and dressing the way you want to. Early 2000s styles are coming back, and Lizzie McGuire was a staple part of that.

Rachel Green

I mean, with Ralph Lauren’s new Rachel Green inspired collection being released, when is there a better time to channel your inner barista/fashion designer? Dressing as Rachel Green for Halloween is timeless and super simple. You can either be barista Rachel Green by wearing a denim button-up tank top and apron or go for one of her many, many iconic looks.

Your favorite celebrity

Dressing up as your favorite celebrity is a great costume because what you wear is entirely up to you. Love JLo? Wear your favorite JLo fit. Beyonce, Cher, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Avril Lavigne are just a few options. The choice is entirely yours.