We’re used to hearing exercise is necessary for a healthy mind and body. It keeps your body calm and collected, and it’s a great stress reliever. However, just like anything else, it’s possible to overdo it.

Exercise addiction is a common term with fitness junkies and workout coaches. Often, those addicted to exercise don’t recognize they have an issue until it’s too late. Unfortunately, it could be fatal, so recognizing signs of addiction is crucial. This piece will highlight some warning signs of exercise addiction in an attempt to curtail it.

Spending too many hours at the gym or fitness center

An average individual should workout from 30 minutes to two hours every day, depending on one’s fitness level. Exercise addicts usually spend up to six hours or more at the gym. Now they aren’t just spending this time chatting with friends or lounging in the resting area. They are continually working out either on the treadmill, lifting weights, or doing new routines like dance fitness classes.

They feel they cannot live without the gym

Going to the gym every day isn’t necessarily unhealthy, especially if you spend under two hours per day working out. However, exercise addicts feel that they absolutely cannot do without working out. The adrenaline rush they feel after completing a routine or a session is mostly what those addicted feed on. Hence, exercise addicts feel incomplete if they skip going to the gym.

They don’t know when to stop

One of the best parts about working out is the ability to increase one’s resilience and endurance. Exercise addicts keep testing their endurance levels by activating new routines or techniques during workout sessions. They keep challenging themselves with weights, laps or sets immediately after conquering their previous feat.

There are a lot of hazards of exercise addiction, and they range from broken bones to heart failures. Taking a break is vital even if that break is a day or two. The human body isn’t designed to accommodate an intense amount of stress.