While most of us don’t exactly see our lives flash before our eyes every time we use a tampon, it’s no secret that their overall longterm safety is somewhat questionable. There’s little scientific knowledge regarding their longterm effects, their FDA approval process is spotty, and we’re unclear on how much of a risk is posed by the chemicals used to make them. It doesn’t help that they’re not great for the environment. All this said, seemingly healthier alternatives are always appreciated. Enter the latest line from Jessica Alba’s lifestyle brand, The Honest Company: 100% organic pads, tampons and liners! Byrdie reports that The Honest Company’s tampons, which were released today, have a plant-based applicator in addition to the kind of leak protection and special fit that you’d hope to find in any quality tampon. The brand also offers applicator-free tampons and soft cotton pads.

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It’s not often that a new period care option comes along (most of us are hardwired to stick with the usual Tampax or Always we’ve been using since junior high), so a switch might be exactly what you need if you’ve been resenting your period more than usual lately. If you’re into Alba’s mission to go green, learn more about The Honest Company here!

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