The last thing we want to do here is pressure you about your period. I used Tampax Pearl for years – years — because the name made me feel like a pretty period princess. But the thing is, using an eco-friendly tampon is like choosing TOMS over Keds.  You need to buy them anyway, so you might as well buy the version that’s going to a good cause. And considering that, according to Slate, the average woman will throw away 250 to 400 pounds of “pads, plugs, and applicators” in her lifetime, we could all use to go a little “greener” with our periods by using organic tampons.

All brands are “chlorine-free” and “dioxin-free” because chemical levels in tampon materials are regulated by the the FDA. What’s especially eco-friendly about these five “green” tampons is that they conserve resources because they’re made without individual wrapping or plastic applicators.

Any one of these five products will protect you and Mother Earth:

Jade and Pearl Natracare Organic Cotton Tampons, $7

organic tampons
Jade and Pearl

Jade & Pearl applicator-free tampons are 100% organic cotton and come in recognizable sizes regular, super, and super plus. They’re actually the world’s first fully certified organic cotton tampons.

organic tampons
Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation, $6

These fragrance- and dye-free tampons are designed with PureFit™ technology to fit your body and, of course, trap leaks. The cotton tampons are also certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard, which “defines high-level environmental criteria” for textiles.

organic tampons
The Period Store

The Period Store, $15 – $30

This monthly subscription box lets you choose from natural brands like Natracare, o.b., and more (or a non-eco friendly alternative) for a delivery right when your period is due to visit. Decide between Treats, Lite, Medium, or Heavy options but don’t worry – each box includes chocolate.

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organic tampons

Maxim Organic Tampons, $8.49

Maxim’s organic cotton tampons can be ordered with or without an applicator. If you choose to go for the applicator version, they’re made from cardboard for maximum environmental good vibes.” You can also order a full case for $75, which just sounds like good planning to us. 

organic cotton tampons

TrueMoon Organic Tampons, $7

These beautifully packaged (yep, we said ‘beautiful’) tampons seem designed to get your through your cycle in the most pleasant way possible. If the mood strikes, you can even accessorize with TrueMoon jewelry.

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