Kylie Jenner turned heads earlier this month when she flaunted sky blue hair, but an even more interesting story resides with the mastermind behind the look – stylist Tokyo Stylez. Most of us assumed those blue locks were extensions, but they were actually a wig! Stylez custom created the look for Kylie after she spotted his work on his amazing Instagram account, where he flaunts every piece he makes. He dished to Allure about working with Kylie, and what really stuck out from his commentary were his suggestions that the more of the masses embrace wigs. He told the publication why wigs are moving back into the spotlight:

“You don’t have to worry about your real hair—you can keep it healthy, and you can keep it growing. The idea of wigs is growing on young people because wigs can look even better than your real hair.”

Sounds good to me! All of Stylez’s wigs are made from real human hair, so they require washing and condition at least once a month, but are comfortable enough to sleep or even swim in. That sure sounds more low-maintenance than real hair! If you’re scared to switch up your look, as Stylez says, “it’s just hair, and you can always change it.” Would you try a wig instead of dye or extensions? This trend just might explode.

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