The couple, who have been married since 2000 and have two kids together, split shortly after Douglas’ remarks for several months before ultimately reconciling. A few days ago, Douglas, who is now cancer-free, tried to set the record straight in an interview with Event magazine:

“It was one of those things…and I so regretted any embarrassment that it caused Catherine and her family…We had a little bump in the road. The problem in this business is that everything is so public. I love Catherine as much, more than I ever have. And hopefully the feeling’s mutual. We worked things out – if both people want to work something out and make it better, you can do it. You can’t do it if it’s just one person.”

Well, he certainly sounds contrite! And it truly shows a lot of love on Zeta-Jones’ part for showing forgiveness. While it’s impossible to know for sure, his comments about his wife do seem to have come from a place of pure thoughtlessness rather than malice. Coupled folks of the world, let Douglas’ careless mistake serve as a PSA: How Not To Treat Your Partner 101!

Douglas also spoke of his new lease on life after beating cancer:

“I was just happy to be alive. I was ecstatic. It feels like a rebirth after you go through cancer and you come out of it. You feel like you’re a child.”

Well, good for these two for working it out and thriving afterwards!

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