They’re our cuddly friends and complete boops. Aside from being agelong friends to humans, dogs are an enormous benefit to our health and well-being. Imagine you had an exhausting, long day at work, and it’s only Tuesday.

Now, you can either come home to a tame, empty house or your dog’s wagging tail and a happy smile as you open the door. Right, that dog appreciates your presence! You just scored mental well-being points. Whether you are a dog owner or a sitter helping a friend or family out, here are five benefits having a dog provides for your health.

You get more exercise

Dogs are generally lively and love to play. As a dog owner, you want to indulge them in activities that are fun for them, like jogging in the park or playing fetch. And in the process, you get to work out! Several studies show that dog owners who engage their dogs in activities do more exercises that promote good health.

You become happier

Research shows that dog owners are more likely to have increased levels of dopamine and serotonin, our body’s feel-good neurotransmitters. They’re responsible for making you feel happy and pleased with a particular situation! As a result, you are likely to feel less depressed with a dog in your home.

A sense of safety

Nothing beats feeling safe, and this is a significant benefit of owning a dog. Because dogs form natural attachments to their owners, you can rest easy knowing your dog is there to protect you from intruders or unfamiliar faces.

Great companions

They are the best animals to serve as a company if you are recuperating from an illness. Since they’re easy to train, they often serve as companion dogs to people who are visually impaired and can be specially trained to aid people with disabilities.

They are fantastic for your heart

Studies have shown that talking or touching a dog can cause your blood pressure to reduce. This, coupled with increased exercise, ultimately reduces the chances of heart diseases.

Perhaps one prominent feature that makes them so endearing is their ability to feel your mood. They automatically make you feel better with their unconditional love! Plus, they’re adorable and fluffy boops. What more can we ask for?