One thing that often holds us back from going to the gym and starting our fitness journey is not knowing what to do when we get there. The gym can be an intimidating place filled with looming machinery and grunting sweaty people.

The solution is right at your fingertips! There are so many applications that you can download that give you step-by-step routines and much more. Here are some applications worth their subscription price:


Sweat was co-created by IG fitness guru Kayla Itsines. With this app, you have the option to follow five different trainers’ routines ranging from yoga-based exercises to pregnancy workouts. Some allow you to pick home or gym routines. It also has a meal plan complete with a grocery shopping list. This is a great all in one app!

Nike Training Club 

Nike’s app is packed with free workouts, but to get the most out of weekly routines and to meet your goals, there is a subscription portion that unlocks plans created by world-renowned trainers. These workouts are from 15 to 60 minutes and also sync up with the Apple watch.

Daily Yoga 

If you’re trying to get into yoga, this app has a complete library of poses and offers a variety of classes from beginner to advanced. There’s even a 10-day guide for beginners and a series to help with splits.


Peloton’s app has thousands of classes that are live and on-demand ranging from cycling to running. Sometimes it’s helpful to have that push from a live person to get through your routine. There’s a free 30-day trial if you’re thinking about it but sold just yet.


With 30 new classes added every week, Aaptiv will have something you’re into. There are multi-week classes covering topics ranging from flexibility to weight loss. These classes are audio-based, so if you need a video to follow, this may not work for you. They offer a free trial as well for you to see if this is the app you’re looking for.

Zombie, Run! 

If you need a slightly more unconventional push to work out, then try out this app. This is a game where you listen to music and your mission through headphones. If zombies appear, you need to run faster and collect supplies along the way. This fun game keeps track of your map, and your running stats, while giving you an immersive experience.


This app makes daily suggestions for your workout routine and has a community that lets you keep up with friends. Use this and their competitive stat tracker as motivation. It helps you keep track of your weights and progress. This is the ultimate gym workout app.