It’s hard to know how many workout clothes you need. Between yoga, running, pilates—the options are endless. Workout clothes are especially cute today, as “athleisure” is totally in style, and it’s acceptable to wear leggings and a sports bra all day long. Except having the cutest and trendiest workout clothes comes at a price. Instead of stocking your closet with the same Lululemon leggings in eight different colors, here’s a guide on how many sets of workout clothes you actually need.

It’s hard to admit it to yourself, but you don’t need an endless supply of workout bottoms. About three to five pairs will do the trick. Most people work out a maximum of five times a week and do laundry once a week—so five bottoms are more than enough.

Tops can get tricky, as some people wear them out as regular shirts, but there’s still a limit as to how many workout tops you should own. A maximum of five should do the job, and alternate between sleeveless, short, and long-sleeve to hit all your workout needs.

Sports Bras:
Unless you’re someone who prefers to wear a sports bra as a top, follow the same guidelines for tops for the number of sports bras. Every workout top requires a sports bra, so if you have five tops, get five sports bras.

Totally optional, but if you prefer separate socks for your workout, limit your amount to three to five pairs as well. And if you find yourself running low, swap in a good ol’ regular pair of socks. They’ll do the trick.

Sneakers depend on the workouts you do, but at least help yourself to one pair of solid running sneakers. Otherwise, you might need special sneakers for cycling, Pilates, HIIT—whatever your workout routine looks like.

It’s time to be real with yourself and throw out those five-year-old workout leggings and sports bra from high school. Invest in fewer but better quality workout clothes and you—and your closet—will be thankful.