If you want to get the perfect peachy butt, then you need to know exactly what workouts are best for targeting your glutes. Before anything else, you need to know which muscles are involved in creating exceptional results, which are:

  1. The gluteus maximus
  2. The gluteus medius
  3. The gluteus minimus

One of the biggest mistakes people make when training their glutes, is they don’t specifically target each of these muscles separately. While you can quickly train your gluteus muscles, which may cause growth, the critical thing is to target each glute muscle individually and progressively overload them with high intensity.

How Should I Train My Glute Muscles? 

You should ensure two things: that you are working with a rep range of six to twelve and that you are also using a heavy resistance and targeting the glute muscles specifically.

What Are The Best Exercises For Targeting Glutes? 

If you want to see growth and improve the shape of your glute muscles, you need to vary your workouts and movements but also focus on the following:

  1. Single leg squats
  2. Side plank abductions
  3. Single-leg elevated hip thrusts
  4. Kettlebell swings (focus on hip thrust and glute contraction with this movement)
  5. Hip bridges
  6. Hip external rotations

Many of the above movements help to achieve 70% or higher ‘maximal voluntary muscle contraction’ (MVIC). The higher the MVIC percentage of a movement or exercise, the harder you are working those muscles, which will help to speed up your growth process, particularly for your glutes in this instance. The top moves with the highest MVIC are single-leg squats (82%) and side plank abductions (103%). Incorporating these workouts into your sessions will help you to target the critical areas of your glutes, and will help you reach your goals the right way.