We all assume that body image pressures on actresses — and yes, it’s mostly actresses — are insane. So infrequently, though, do actresses themselves speak up about it. That’s why we were a little surprised when “Lovelace” and “Mean Girls” actress Amanda Seyfried tweeted an angry accusation against the film industry and, well, America.

E! Online dug up old interviews in which Seyfried told Esquire magazine she was on an “intense” and “awful” raw food diet and said the only thing she had eaten for lunch was spinch and some seeds. (Finally, someone speaks the truth about raw food!) The actress also told Glamour, “If I’d been a bit bigger, I don’t think they would have cast me for ‘Mamma Mia’!”

Like everyone else, Seyfried goes to the gym to maintain her shape. The difference is most people don’t miss out on work if they can’t keep up to the unrealistic standards for their body.

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