Update, 5/14/15, 8:00AM:

Back in April, Pink dismissed her haters in a lengthy Twitter post about body image and bullying. Now, Pink has done it yet again when it was brought up to her in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “I don’t take well to bullying. I never have. I’m not a person that will be bullied. I’m not a person that will stand by watching other people bullied,” she said.

Pink then added, “I am a girl, I have feelings and people think I take no sh*t and I’m tough, tougher than nails, but I’m a human being.” Although we all love the super tough, punk-rocker chick we know Pink to be, it’s nice to see a more sensitive side to her as well. She shows us that in the end, celebrities are all simply real people who face bullies just like us. So lay off, haters.


Original Post 4/13/15:

Pink, acrobatic pop star and mother to three-year-old Willow, got dressed up this Saturday, April 11, to see her friend Dr. Maggie DiNome accept the “The Duke” Special Service Award for her cancer research. Here’s what she got on Twitter:

The star, who’s known for her muscular figure and regularly performs acrobatic feats onstage as part of her concerts, was subjected to all kinds of hateful comments from “concerned” internet commenters. Pink responded by calling out the concern trolls for focusing on her looks instead of the topic at hand: cancer research. She wrote on Twitter:

I can see that some of you are concerned about me from your comments about my weight. You’re referring to the pictures of me from last night’s cancer benefit that I attended to support my dear friend Dr. Maggie DiNome. She was given the Duke Award for her tireless efforts and stellar contributions to the eradication of cancer. But unfortunately, my weight seems much more important to some of you. While I admit that that dress didn’t photograph as well as it did in my kitchen, I will also admit that I felt very pretty. In fact, I feel beautiful. So, my good and concerned peoples, please don’t worry about me. I’m not worried about me. And I’m not worried about you either:)… I am perfectly fine, perfectly happy, and my healthy, voluptuous and crazy strong body is having some much deserved time off. Thanks for your concern. Love, cheesecake.

READ MORE: Study: Calling Pople Fat Doesn’t Help Them Lose Weight Well said. The pop star also tweeted a cute photo of herself and Willow with a wonderful body-positive message she’s sharing with her daughter: 

Pink’s response has already influenced her fans. She didn’t hesitate to share the love — hers and her husband’s — in the face of her nasty comments (further proving that men usually have quite a different opinion about what constitutes “too big”!).

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