Numerous myths are circulating around the subject of fitness. These can either be demotivating or simply wrong. Some of these myths are incredibly demotivating. The good thing is, they’re just myths, and we’re here to debunk them.

You Must Work Out in The Morning

No evidence shows that if you work out in the morning, you will be burning more calories throughout the day. However, if you work out in the morning, there are fewer chances you will make excuses not to workout later in the day. It can also boost your energy levels and mood throughout the day. But, if you can’t find time to work out in the morning, working out in the evening will be just as beneficial. Find the time in the day that works out best for you. That way, you will be more likely to stick to it.

Unused Muscle Turns to Fat

A lot of people believe that muscle tissue turns into fat if unused. However, this is entirely untrue. It isn’t chemically or physically possible for the muscle to turn into fat or vice versa.

Stretching Before a Workout Prevents Injuries

Most people think of stretching as static. Where you achieve a particular position and hold it, and your goal is to increase your range of motion. However, the problem with that is that you end up with loose tissue, and if you follow up that stretching with something explosive or strength-based activity, you now have a loose muscle, and you won’t be able to produce as much force. This can also lead to getting injuries.

Cardio Burns Fat

Cardio doesn’t burn fat. It burns calories. To lose weight, you need to be in a calorie deficit. Cardio can help with this. However, you need to make sure you are following the right diet since you can’t outrun a bad diet. Doing too much cardio can cause an opposite effect and slow down your metabolism.

Strength Training Requires a Gym

You don’t need to have a gym membership to do strength-based workouts. You can use your body as a weight. Bodyweight exercises have been around forever, and they are crucial.

Crunches Will Give You a Six-Pack

Getting a six-pack isn’t about doing a ton of crunches. It has more to do with your nutrition. Crunches will help you to build the muscle; however, for a six-pack to be visible, you need to reduce the amount of body fat.