If you’re a working mother, you might want to steer clear of viewing the new Garnier advertisement. The new ad has emerged and although fascinating, it’s left a bad taste in many mouths.

The ad begins with a photographer taking a picture of a working mom right in the beginning of her day. She has just primped and preened herself to perfection, her makeup is #flawless and her hair is meticulously finished all by the early hour of 7am. The photographer then takes her photograph to the streets to ask people to guess her age. Their guesses range from 26 to 32.

Then, a camera is attached to her to show her daily routine. Like many moms, she drops her children at school, goes to work, attends meetings, works out at the gym, picks up her kids, cooks dinner, and prepares them for bed. Once she’s all settled, the photographer takes a second picture of her and asks strangers to guess her age in the photo again. This time, their guesses vary from 36 to 40.

Garnier’s ending message leaves us with this sentiment: “In only one day, fatigue can age you by 5 years.” Just great, as if we all didn’t have enough things to worry about during our busy days.

A day like that would make anyone look a bit weary. Hours of running around would have any woman’s makeup imperfect and skin a bit dragged. If you ask me, there’s no magic cream that can change this fact, you’re always going to look a bit better in the morning than you do after a long day.

Similar to the many Dove ads which frequently feature social experiments, this one was less about loving yourself and your natural beauty, and more about life beating you down and aging your skin, leaving you with the only option to opt for Garnier’s “miracle” skincare products. Having never tried the product, I can’t say whether it’s a game-changer or not, but for now I think I’ll stick to enjoying my days rather than worrying about aging within a single day.

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