What happens when you combine radical nail art and super high-tech machines? Magic happens, people. The team behind “Transforming” created what they believe to be the next evolution in nail art: 3D-printed artificial nails.

Known for its precision and extreme detailing, 3D printing is frequently in the news for its incredible advancements in the medical industry (you can even 3D print your face transplant…crazy!). But it may be advancing in a way that could be just as mesmerizing for those of us in the beauty industry.

The “Transforming” team used a ProJet 660 Pro brand printer to create each artificial nail used in their stop-motion video demonstration. In the video, 521 pieces were manufactured and thrown together in a continuous video that shows the intricate nails and their ever-changing possibilities for design.

The designers, Mizuki Kawano and Hatsuki Furutani, worked together to construct the video as a demonstratration of how artificial nails can be majorly advanced past the hand-painted nail art we all know and love. It displays artificial nails seamlessly changing with the tap of a finger or simple movement of a hand, and in all honesty it looks astounding! It seems that one day, these 3D printers will allow users to print their own custom nails to a design of their choosing.

With seemingly no limit to what 3D printing can do, it’s exciting to think of the future possibilities. As of now, “Transforming” has not released any plans for expanding or selling their 3D printed nail creations, but keep a look out. Get your creative juices flowing and start brainstorming your own nail creations right away so you’ll be ready to print when the time comes!

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