Move over BBG! Alexia Clark is dominating the space with some fantastic weights focused exercises that KICK ASS. In her latest round, she issues a challenge that tests your arms. Her 2 million followers are game for these intense sessions. Are you?

Alexia Clark’s Five-Minute Dumbbell Challenge

This 5-minute challenge targets all areas of your arms: biceps, triceps, and shoulders. Not for the faint at heart! Try it out next time you have 5 minutes to kill at the gym or home.

First, warm up your arms. You don’t want to do any workout without a warm-up and risk injuring yourself! Do a few arm circles and arm swings.

Next, time to set the timer. You want to do the two exercises Alexia demonstrates for 30 seconds each. The set of two exercises is one round. You’ll need to do five rounds total (aka, 5 minutes) to complete this challenge. No resting!

Check out the demonstration from her Instagram post below:

You want to choose a weight where you can comfortably do these exercises but not so it’s so easy that it seems like you can do that for a long time!

  1. The Ultimate Deadlift: This is a combo exercise working multiple muscle groups. The upright row and squat to curl and press works not only your arms but also your glutes.
  2. Skier Swings: Your legs should be hip distance apart while you swing your dumbbell pair — basically, a kettlebell swing with two dumbbells.