The Total Body Workout That’s Only 4 Moves

Working out doesn’t have to be complicated. Like so many other things in life, the best exercise routines are often the most simple. This bare bones workout will keep you fit and strong: push exercises, pull exercises, a squat or lunge sequence, and either walk for 30 minutes or running for 15 minutes. That’s it.

Add to this a basically active lifestyle, such as playing recreational sports, doing house or yard work and running around with the kids, and you’ll stay in good shape.

The Bare Bones Regimen

1. Walk quickly for 30 minutes or jog/run for at least 15 minutes.

2. Perform a push exercise—as many as you can with proper form and no pain. Some examples: the wall push-up, counter-top push-up, push-up with knees on the floor, standard push-up, push-up with one leg elevated off the floor, plyometric push-up (push up quickly enough that hands briefly lift off the floor) and one-arm push-up.

3. Perform a pull exercise—same rule as the push exercise. Some examples: a back row using either free weights or cables/tubing or the pull-up or chin-up using an elevated bar.

4. Perform squats or lunges and complete as many as you can, using proper technique and without pain.

Do this three times per week and not on consecutive days. To burn more calories and gain more strength, do 2-4 sets of the exercises.