Blonde, beautiful and legs that go on for days, Erin Heatherton is a 6-foot knockout that frequently models for Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated. Her beyond fit bod is the result of regular exercise (a self proclaimed 1 ½ hour to 2 hours per day) and a diet that she says, doesn’t involve pizza (um, excuse me?!). Erin, who is currently the brand ambassador for the fragrance Curve Sport, continues to land super athletic campaigns, presumably because of her love for fitness and sports in general. She recently sat down with People Magazine to give us a tell-all exclusive about her exercise routine and go-to healthy food choices.


She a super fan of Ballet Beautiful:

“I’ve been doing Ballet Beautiful since 2013, and I’m still in the falling-in-love stage. It re-taught me how to stand, and a different way to hold my weight, so it helps me move as a model as well.”


She mixes up her workouts:

Erin does a combination of ballet, yoga, Pilates and occasional SoulCycle classes. “I like to switch it up, it depends on my mood but I always stay active.”


Days off are just as important as working out:

“Your ligaments can only heal through rest, and you have to rest if you want to see the results of all your hard work. [Before a photoshoot] I’ll make sure the week before that I take time off to sleep enough, which is equally as important as working out.”


She eats healthy because “you don’t want to dig yourself into a hole”:

“What you put in your body is what makes you glow and look healthy and gorgeous. I could eat fish everyday, I love eating fish and I honestly would always choose fish over pizza.”