You might be able to skip lengthy walks, but your canine friend will be less than happy. It’s confirmed, dogs are great motivators to get more exercise!

A recent British study published in Scientific Reports points to evidence that dog owners, on average, get more exercise than non-dog owners. The researchers studied exercise habits of inhabitants of a neighborhood near Liverpool with both activity monitors and through self-reported information. Dog owners walked nearly 300 minutes a week with their dog versus 100 minutes of walking from non-dog owners.

Not too surprising, right? After all, our furry friends need a walk. But here’s where it gets interesting: Dog owners also scored higher on non-walking kinds of exercise! They spent more times doing activities like cycling and jogging in addition to the walking. That means they don’t use walking as a form of exercise but merely an activity they need to do.

However, correlation does not equal causation. It doesn’t mean that having a dog makes your exercise habits skyrocket. It simply demonstrated a strong connection between the two events. We think that’s a strong enough reason to love your lovable furry friends even more! As if we needed more reasons.