A lot of people want to get in shape as fast as possible with yoga, whether it’s to help relieve tension or to get flexible. Yoga helps tremendously with both.

Many people who try yoga tend to get discouraged when they don’t notice any results right away. Still, it’s essential to know that yoga fits everyone no matter what their level of flexibility is! Practice is vital.

This also means that there is no exact timeline to determine when your yoga workouts will pay out. It all depends on your flexibility, age, how many times you practice, and the intensity of each workout. However, many people tend to see significant results within two months of practice. The more you stretch your body, the faster you will gain that flexibility.

Like any workout, yoga takes a lot of practice and dedication. Yoga practice is all about self-awareness between your mind and body; being flexible is simply a result of that dedication. Basically, the more you learn about your body through yoga practices, the more likely you are to achieve faster results.

Some of our favorite yoga positions for flexibility are:

Standing forward fold: this yoga move targets your spine, hamstrings, and calves, giving you a deep stretch for flexible legs.

Downward facing dog: it targets mostly your hamstrings, calves, hand, and feet. The more you practice it, the better results you will have.

Child’s pose: while still being an incredibly relaxing and energizing pose, child’s pose is, in fact, perfect for stretching your lower back and pelvis, giving you more flexibility in your lower back and thighs.

Remember that yoga takes patience, patience with your body and your mind; remember that change doesn’t come in a day and that you deserve to be kinder to yourself, and simply enjoy the journey in which it leads you to better health and even better mindset.