If the movie Hustlers hasn’t inspired you enough to try out pole dancing, maybe this article will. Pole dancing has become a prevalent form of exercise and is anything but easy. J-Lo had to go through intense pole dancing training for her role on Hustlers (which makes sense that her body is incredible) and said that the exercise was extremely challenging on both her mind and body. So, what are the benefits of pole dancing?

Core workout

Jennifer Lopez has been the queen of abs since I can remember, so if she says pole dancing is a good core workout, I’m already convinced. Pole dancing engages your entire core in a way that traditional ab workouts don’t, resulting in rock-solid abs that you can’t get anywhere else.

Confidence boost

It might take a little bit to get the hang of pole dancing, but once you do and realize how much fun it is, you’ll find your confidence going up too. Pole dancing isn’t just about having a strong body and being able to do all those tricks- it’s about being confident in yourself. There’s a reason why pole dancers look so good when they’re dancing- they feel great about themselves as they’re doing it!


Being able to stretch your body around a poll is going to play a role in increasing your flexibility. It’s as simple as that. Movements like leg extensions and backbends are frequent with pole dancing, and to comfortably do those. You need to be flexible. You might also find that pole dancing helps with stiff muscles and back pain.

Heart and blood flow

Pole dancing is an excellent form of cardio, as are most aerobic workouts. Pole dancing engages all of your muscles, meaning an increase in blood flow throughout your body.

Helps you relax

Although pole dancing is probably more complicated than yoga, many people find that it helps them relax. Adrenaline increases the more stressed out we get, and pole dancing is a great way to release that built up adrenaline. Your body will start to produce more endorphins, and you’ll find yourself more calm and relaxed in no time.


Sometimes working out can get repetitive. You can only go to the gym for so long before you find yourself bored and unmotivated. And that’s where pole dancing comes in. Pole dancing is a unique and exciting workout that is entirely different from a regular session in the gym. Pole dancing is an intense workout, while still being fun. And the more you practice pole dancing, the better results you’ll see, and the more motivated you will be to keep trying.

Increased endurance

Unlike running, which can feel like it goes on for hours, a pole dancing class is likely to go by in the blink of an eye just because of how fun it is. Pole dancing is an excellent form of cardio, and the more you practice it, the more your endurance will increase.