Spin classes are the latest hit in the workout world. Classes like SoulCycle have completely influenced fitness and become one of the most popular options. They are incredibly tiring, effective, and fun to take part in. But, how exactly does a spin class work?

The muscle group you work the most during the time you’re sitting on the bike during a spin class is your glutes. Our glutes are the least activated throughout the day, especially if you spend a lot of your time sitting, so doing a spin class gets them working. Riding a bike also activates your hamstrings and calves, all of which starts in your glutes. You will feel this burn throughout the spin workout, but especially during hill climbs.

And although you might not realize that your core is being activated during a spin workout, it most definitely is. A spin workout activates your entire body, and especially your core during the time that you are standing on the bike. A tight core will give you the momentum and energy to hold for longer and power through that duration of the workout. Although your glutes are still being activated during this part, the focus is on keeping your core tight.

So, how do you get the most out of your spin workout? It’s essential to focus on these parts of your body and consciously engage them during the entire exercise. Eat a healthy and nutritious meal beforehand, as it’s no secret that cycling is one of the most strenuous workouts. Also, consider investing in a good quality pair of cycling shoes. The right cycling shoe will help you engage your muscles more effectively and overall, lead to a better workout. Practice these things, and you’ll find yourself getting the most out of your spin class, every single time.