Body confidence and self-love aren’t something that comes easily to everyone. It is often something we gradually learn to instill in our mindsets over time. Everyone has insecurities, but instead of putting yourself down because of these, you should embrace your flaws and appreciate your body for what it is.

Repeat Positive Affirmations
How often have you looked in the mirror and immediately been drawn to the things you dislike about your body? Have you ever thought about the things you do actually love? Make it your mission to start your day by standing in front of the mirror and saying positive affirmations out loud about your body. This might sound like any of the below examples:

      • I love my legs because they have taken me to so many places and carried me through difficult times.
      • I am grateful for my body
      • My body is amazing, and it is always there for me
      • My body radiates beautiful kindness
      • My body is my home and my friend, I should always treat it well
      • I love _____ about my body because it is unique and special

Write Down Things You Love About Your Body
Make a physical list of things that you love about yourself and your body. Repeat this exercise every day until you start to focus on the positive feelings you have towards your body rather than the flaws or potential negatives.

Write Down Solutions To The Bad Feelings
It’s unrealistic to ignore that everyone has insecurities and certain areas of their body they would like to change. Try writing down things that make you feel insecure and writing down a healthy solution to them. For example, is it something that can be changed with a change in your lifestyle? This will help you make positive changes, but it also puts things into perspective as you soon realize how our insecurities are minor things that we simply can’t change about ourselves, but we must learn to love instead. Wherever you find there isn’t a ‘solution’ to a negative feeling, write down why this makes you unique instead and how you should view this ‘flaw’ in a different light.