It’s Vagina Month once again at YouBeauty! (Remember last year?) We are kicking off our salute to all things  “V” with Hand Mirror Day, which is exactly what it sounds like.If you have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy with your vagina whereby you politely ignore each other until something goes wrong, or you know more about what’s happening between your toes than between your legs, it’s time to grab a mirror and do some exploring. It’s yours, after all. You own it. Why not get to know it?Unlike your breasts, your genitals are not front and center. You actually have to make the effort to get a good look. So grab a trusty hand-held mirror, point it in a southwardly direction and take a good look at this amazing body part. What color variations do you see? What’s the shape of your labia? Since chances are you don’t really have much to compare yours to other than the perfect vulvas of porn, you can check out a few of the many different variations with our handy infographic here.Know that, like snowflakes, no two vaginas are alike and whatever the shape, color or size, yours is beautiful and unique.And, yes, we know that “vagina” refers to the inside section, which you can’t really catch a glimpse of unless your gynecologist has you in stirrups and hands you a mirror, while vulva refers to the external female genitalia, including the labia. But since most women use vagina as an umbrella term, we’ll do the same for clarity’s sake.Along with encouraging you to get up close and personal with this precious part, we’ll be bringing you a wealth of vagina-related content this month, including understanding your orgasm style and why masturbation is oh-so good for you. Plus, we’ll answer your most pressing questions: Can you lose a tampon in there? Why does it get itchy? How come some women’s periods sync up? Check back and find out answers to these questions and much more.In the meantime, welcome to your vagina. Happy exploring.