Image courtesy of Splash News

Madonna had quite the fall during the Brit Awards last week in which she flew backward in the last act of the show, and plunged down some stairs in what looked like a most painful flop.

The pop star was wearing a huge bullfighters cape at the time, which in an interview with the Associated Press, the designer, Giorgio Armani claimed was meant to be closed with a simple hook so it could be easily removed. However, the Material Girl insisted that it be replaced with a tied string instead.

Madonna told Britain’s “The Jonathan Ross Show” that she ended up tying the strings too tightly because everyone was fearful that it would fly off during the show. She was then unable to get it undone before two backup dancers yanked it back and accidently pulled her down a few stairs instead. She then went on to say she knows how to fall correctly, and was able to avoid any serious injuries due to her”“good core strength” (oh please.).

After receiving backlash for being “at fault” for Madonna’s dramatic fall,  oArmani defended his creation in a recent interview to the AP saying, “Madonna, as we know, is very difficult.” He believes the fall was at no fault of his cape, and if the singer had kept his original design, the entire debacle would have been avoided. “That’s all there was to it,” Armani said.

A representative for Madonna refused to say if there was any bad blood between Giorgio Armani and the singer and that, despite public statements from them both, there is no feud brewing. The rep even went as far as telling the New York Post: “Shit happens. Madonna loves Giorgio Armani.”

You can watch a (cringe-inducing) Vine of Madonna’s terrible tumble here: