A company in Japan created a bottled wine specifically for cats to drink. Yes, this is wine created just FOR cats.

This surprising wine called, Nyan Nyan Nouveau, was made by pet supplement company B&H Lifes with the intent of exclusively selling to cats. The words “nyan nyan” in Japanese have two very different meanings: It can mean a cat’s meow or two people having sex. We’re assuming the name signifies the first option.

Although Nyan Nyan Nouveau is doesn’t have any actual alcohol, it is made from Cabernet grapes and supposedly tastes just like red wine. Catnip is also mixed into the beverage, presumably to make it more likeable to the thirsty felines.

Japan is no stranger to serving alcoholic-type beverages to those who it is not typically seen as socially acceptable in the United States. In addition to wine for cats, Japan serves a non-alcoholic “kid’s beer” to children, which is essentially just fizzy apple juice.

According to B&H Lifes, they decided to make the drink for those who desire to celebrate birthdays, holidays and special occasions with their beloved cats. If by “special occasions” you mean any Tuesday nights, I’m sure this form of celebration will fit right in to the American culture.

I’m sure world renowned fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld, would like to get his hands on this boogie-like wine for his pampered pet cat Choupette (who has her own book, makeup line collaboration and a pretty solid fan base). However, at only 399 yen ($4 USD), Karl might be looking for something a little more indulgent for his spoiled feline. Who knows.

With the invention of bottled wine for cats, my weekday solo wine nights seem way less worrisome and a lot more classy. I’m not drinking alone if my cat is drinking with me, right?