After landing her Under Armour campaign last summer, Misty Copeland became the ultimate icon of empowerment for all women who have ever felt like they weren’t good enough—whether because of their body type, race, or gender.

Then, just a few months ago, Copeland was named principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre, making her the first black female to do so in the prestigious ballet company’s history. So, it’s really about damn time she’s getting her own documentary.

IFC Films has officially released the trailer for A Ballerina’s Tale, which opens on October 16. The film documents Copeland’s struggles through rejection, injury, and self-doubt, and ultimately, her perseverance and ability to pave her own path in history and inspire everyone around her.

Watch the trailer below (we did at least 10 times), and let us know: Are you as excited about this film as we are?

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