If your love handles are making you feel insecure and you want to see them to MELT away, these five exercises are for you! I wasn’t genetically blessed with a tiny, toned waistline and these simple moves have worked wonders in a short time.

Russian twists

This core exercise can cater to different fitness levels, goals, and offers variations through progressing stages, making it the perfect at-home workout! Do it at home or in your gym with a medicine ball, some dumbbells or empty-handed!

Side plank lift

Lay on your side and lift your upper body off the floor while resting on your elbow. Now squeeze your core and lift your hips off the ground. Pulse your hips up and back down to the floor several times before switching sides. You will feel the burn with this exercise, especially your obliques! Side plank lifts directly target your obliques, whittling your waist quickly.

Box jumps

There’s no way around it, to get rid of love handles you have to shave down your body fat. One of the quickest cardio bursts is box jumps. All you need is a box or bench that you can jump up on with both feet, landing in a squat position. Go back to starting position and repeat ten times.

Bicycle crunches

The rotation in a bicycle crunch puts your balance and core strength to the test! Make sure to do a full twist, reaching your elbow to the opposite knee while lifting your upper back off the ground. Commit to the twist and don’t get lazy by just moving the elbow.

Jumping burpees

I haven’t met a person yet who cited the burpee as their favorite exercise. Unfortunately, it’s one of the best fat-burners out there. You’re working several muscle groups in one move, meaning you’re not only toning your core, but you’re working your legs and arms!