As a five-foot-tall woman who buys ankle jeans as actual jeans because I’m too short for regular lengths, I’m very excited about a new jeans company that makes “Denim that Fits.” As Fast Co. Design reports, Crystal Beasley gathered data from the body scans of 5,000 women and founded Qcut to sell the 400 different sizes of jeans that will offer a tailor-made perfect fit to every woman.As Qcut’s Kickstarter explained, the way we buy clothes is broken. While only eight percent of women have an “hourglass figure” figure, all women are sold a narrow range of about 20 standard denim sizes. Qcut will instead offer straight cut, mid-rise jeans for under $200, which Beasley hopes will hit the “sweet spot between custom and mass-produced.”There’s an exact science behind the art of the perfect jean, which is being crafted by Gerald Ruderman, the Chief Innovator at Qcut who originally designed the system for Levi’s. Qcut only needs five measurements from you to craft the perfect pair: your best-fitting pants size, shoe size, height, weight, and bra size.  The company then sends you a pair (with free shipping) for you to try on at home. If it doesn’t fit properly, mail the jeans back and you’ll get an altered pair for free. The first batch of sizes will range from 0 to 18, with larger sizes promised in the future.Beasley has already raised over $54,000 of her $75,000 Kickstarter goal; when they eventually reach $500,000, Qcut has an investor commited to building a factory in order to get your custom-made denim out even faster. Donate for an early bird pair of jeans and let’s get this funded so I can stop wearing capris as big girl pants!