I’m going to confess something embarassing: sometimes I ask my husband to hop into the shower with me, not for anything sexy but to scrub my back. A good scrubbing sloughs off all the dead skin and oils on your back — and as someone prone to backne, this is important — and it feels damn good under the hot water. We’ve been using the Tahitian Vanilla Lime Sea Salt Body Scrub from Tastyface Organics and it’s one of the better scrubs for many reasons.

Product: Tahitian Vanilla Lime Sea Salt Body Scrub (sold out — get notified by Tastyface Organics when its available)

Price: $21

We Think:


How to Use: All Tastyface Organics products are made without parabens, dairy, soy, gluten, chemicals and petrochemicals.  Inside the jar, this scrub looks more like grainy sand than gooey, creamy body scrubs you might be used to. That’s because the main ingredient is pure sea salt; it contains soothing oils like coconut oil, kukui nut oil, and jojoba oil, but the consistency is rough. To use, you scoop a handful of the scrub onto your hand and rub it into your wet or damp skin. I would recommend doing it gently — sea salt is pretty abrasive! For that same reason, definitely don’t use it on your face.

Results: I’ve tried lots of body scrubs — fancy ones from Laura Mercier, drug store ones from Salma Hayek Nuance — and Tastyface Organics is by far one of the better ones. The scrub is just scrubber, if that makes sense. The oils within the scrub also leave behind a pleasantly soft feeling on the skin, although I am not a personal fan of the salty vanilla lime scent. (The Tastyface Organics creator said she was inspired by her favorite “adult beverage,” the margarita).

My only big complaint about this body scrub is particular to my own quirky skin problems. I have bad eczema and a salt-based body scrub … well … it stung like a bitch.  I tried to avoid using the scrub when I was having an outbreak, but I can’t always tell where the little cracks in my skin are going to be. So even though I think this is a fantastic product, I wouldn’t recommend it for someone who frequently suffers from eczema (or other potentially sting-y skin conditions) on their body.

I received Tahitian Vanilla Lime Sea Salt Body Scrub as a sample and I would purchase it again (as well as try other Tastyface Organics products made without salt!).