Many factors can influence your weight, including DNA, dietary and exercise habits as well as your lifestyle. If that wasn’t enough, there is a new study that links polluted air with weight gain.

The study linked the effects of polluted air with changes in microbiomes in humans. Our microbiomes are very important for our body to function properly. The study found that young adults are at higher risk, as the exposure to highly polluted air and high levels of ozone is linked with more uniform microbiomes and species that can lead to obesity and different diseases.

Previous researches and studies have proven that different pollutants that can be found in the air have different devastating effects on health. Still, this study shows that that may happen because of the changes in our gut microbiomes.

Throughout the world, the air quality has been getting worse for years. This is why this study is essential and why we should take closer care of our environment to stay healthy. Worldwide, air pollution kills almost 9 million people annually, which is a devastatingly high number. More people die because of poor air quality than because of smoking or war.

Although air pollution is often linked with respiratory diseases, this study shows that bad air quality also affects our weight.

Different researches claim that the visits to the hospital because of gastrointestinal problems are higher on the days when the pollution in the air is high. Additionally, many studies have shown that young people have higher risks of developing Chron’s disease if they are exposed to traffic fumes.

Fecal samples of 101 young adults were used to conduct the research. They were all from Southern California. Researchers calculated how much the participants were exposed to ozone, particulate matter, and nitrous oxide. Based on in-depth calculations, scientists concluded that the ozone had the most negative impact on health. It had more impact on the weight gain of these young adults than diet, gender, or ethnicity. Researchers concluded that those who were exposed to ozone had a lower variety of micro-bacteria, and that had an influence on their weight gain.

This research is important as it shines the light on just how important our microbiome is. It also shows us that the environment has a more significant impact on our health than we might believe.