Sometimes it’s just too much work to get to the gym. You come home from work, already exhausted, and the thought about changing, driving to the gym, working out, and then coming back is all too much to handle. You still want to get that workout in, though, and stay in shape.

So how do you do it? It’s simple — workout at home. You still can have a productive and intense workout in the comfort of your own home. And you don’t need some fancy in-house gym equipped with a bunch of workout machines and barbells.

All you need is a flat ground surface and your body weight. And, if you’re feeling like being a little extra, you can throw in some of these equipment essentials every at-home gym should have:

Resistance Bands
Resistance bands help to work out your entire body and work the same way that machines do. You can vary with the levels of resistance, too!

Foam Roller
These are food for increasing flexibility and helping with soreness. They also can help get rid of any knots in your muscles.

Jump Rope
A great way to get your cardio in! Jumping rope increases your heart rate and works your arms, shoulders, legs, and core!

Yoga Mat
If the ground is feeling too uncomfortable, get yourself a yoga mat, which is useful for all workouts.

Light Dumbbells
You can need fancy gym weights to still get a good arm workout in! Opt for a solid pair of lightweight dumbbells so you can have more versatile workouts.