It’s essential to always feel safe and protected, especially as a woman. And self-defense is the best way to do that since we’re all badass and brave women. So I thought I’d share some easy self-defense moves you can practice at home.

If someone grabs you from behind

One of the worst-case scenarios for us is being grabbed from behind by someone on the street. But there’s a way to defend yourself in that situation.

Start by placing one foot forward to get your balance and remain focused and calm. Next, use your elbow to strike your attacker in the face, jaw, or cheekbones using all your strength. Keep hitting the attacker repeatedly until they let you go.

If someone tries to choke you

Now, this one sadly happens too often, especially to women coming home alone from work or even in some cases of domestic abuse. To protect yourself, start by stepping back to get your balance. Trap the attacker’s hand by squeezing your bicep against your ear. Then, pivot away from the attacker as his hand is still struck against your bicep, not letting go. Bring your elbow down and break his choke.

Now you’re taking control of the situation. This is when you raise your elbow hard enough to punch your attacker with a hammer fist in the face.

If someone pushes you against the wall

A lot of times, an attacker will try to push you against a wall to take control, leaving you trapped. But you can use that to your advantage. Quickly put your hands on the wall to keep your head from being hit, keep your feet slightly apart for balance. Then, release one hand from the wall forming a hammer fist. Turn with all your force to hit your attacker in the face and run away.

If you’re pushed against a wall facing the attacker

Same as the last move only this time, you can’t strike the attacker in the face because he’s facing you. Don’t worry. Start by forming a fist or a knuckle thrust and jam it the attacker’s ribcage or right below the armpit. Then launch yourself on the attacker by driving the top of your head into your attackers’ jaw until they let go.

Remember, there are other simple ways to defend yourself that don’t require much training like using your keys as a weapon. Or if you’re able to grab his hand, you can grab his little finger and ring finger with one hand, and index and middle finger with the other and bend the wrists forward. And remember that the collarbone and throat are also very vulnerable spots you can target to buy some time to make a run for safety.