When you think about Halloween, it’s hard not to assume it’s all about kids dressing up in costumes and going trick or treating. And if you’re a fully grown adult –like me- you’re pretty much bored of the same old activities. So we gathered a helpful list of things you can do your next Halloween to make it memorable and fun!

Movie night

Nothing better than a movie night with friends or family. Enjoy a scary movie marathon and munch on some leftover candy! These are some of my favorite (and spooky) Halloween movies.

The Classics:
Halloween Town
Hocus Pocus
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Nightmare on Elm Street
Recent releases:
The conjuring
IT: both chapters
Paranormal Activity
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
The Nun

Visit a haunted house

If you have a Halloween haunted house experience in your town, go for it! It’s such a fun experience. All you have to do is gather your most adventurous friends and challenge them to the experience. See if they can survive the tour!

It’s such a fun way to celebrate the “darker” side of Halloween and get a good laugh out of it when it’s over. If it ends up being a memorable experience, maybe you could turn it into a Halloween tradition to share with your favorite people.

All you have to do is search for haunted houses in your local area online and go for it! Remember, some “haunted houses” are not free, so keep that in mind during your research.

Make a Halloween scavenger hunt

This is actually my favorite Halloween activity. You can play either outdoors or indoors if it’s extra chilly outside. All you have to do is print the instructions online and gather a group of friends (perhaps the same buddies form the haunted house?) There are plenty of scavenger hunts out there for any environment!

Make some wickedly cute Halloween treats
Set up a sweet Halloween themed table with some “spooky” themed treats like monster cookies, green Frankenstein cupcakes, and skull-shaped chocolates.

You can find many great recipes online or come up with your own and make those tasty treats as scary as possible! Guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser!

Visit or plan your own Halloween party

Let the kids eat their candy while you dance the night away at a Halloween party!

Make like Heidi Klum. Set up a lovely buffet of spooky treats, drinks and ask everyone to dress up in costumes to have the best Halloween party ever! You can download special Halloween themed playlists, and play fun games like “name that monster” or “murder mystery.”

If you’re all adults, then maybe play some drinking games, for example, taking a shot every time a child dressed as Elsa or an Avengers character!

Also, set up a photo booth for your guests to take pictures with their costumes on. Just put up a nice backdrop and some lights to DIY it!