When’s a better time to work on getting that perky butt you’ve always wanted than when we’re quarantined inside? Moving your body and exercising is super important, especially when we’re cooped up indoors. And you don’t need a fancy gym or workout class to get a sweat in.

You can have a good workout from the comfort of your home. But if one of your quarantine goals is to grow your booty, make sure you’re doing your squats right. It’s easy to make squat mistakes without even realizing it, so don’t make these mistakes the next time you do your booty workout:

Your knees go past your toes

If your squat feels too easy, it could very well be because your knees are going past your toes. A good squatting position means your knees are aligned with your toes and not doing so could cause injury.

You don’t go low enough

The lower you go, the better the workout. Squats are supposed to be challenging, and you’re supposed to feel the burn. So if you’re finding them easy, go lower. Just make sure you keep your body steady and bring your butt down as low as you can go.

You turn your knees in

Making this mistake could lead to serious injury, so avoid turning in your knees when doing squats. Make sure your knees face outwards and are always aligned with your ankles.

You go too fast

It isn’t a competition- take your time and do your squats properly. Quality over quantity, always. You’re better off having a few solid squats than a bunch of rushed, messy ones.

You lift your heels off the ground

Your feet should be steadily planted into the ground for the entire squat. If you raise your heels off the ground, that makes your body unstable and shifts your weight forward, putting stress on your knees and causing potential injury.

You lean forward

Always remember: keep your back and upper body straight and upright when doing squats. You might be inclined to lean forward, but remind yourself to keep your body straight, to get the most out of your squat. Make sure you put your weight in your heels to ensure your body is steady, and you won’t lean forward for balance.