With most of us having a lot of spare time on our hands and no gym access due to the coronavirus quarantine, a home exercise routine is a must for staying fit (and sane). It’s also a real luxury to have a home gym, even if you’re just building it up from the basics first. Regardless of why you’re working out at home, consider the kettlebell to be an essential worker for your work out.

Kettlebells are a great item to keep ready for a home workout because they’re versatile, highly effective, and take up less space than even your yoga mat. Another reason that kettlebells seem so en vogue is their ability to provide such an intense workout that exercisers can reduce their overall workout time. That’s right — adding a kettlebell into your routine means less time exercising but still getting the same results. Whether you’re looking for strength gain, flexibility, endurance, or weight loss, kettlebells can help you get there.

When choosing your kettlebell, the size you purchase depends on your level. On average, active women should start with a 13 to 18-pound kettlebell. If you’re athletic, begin with 18 to 26 pounds. If you’re more on the inactive side, try a kettlebell between 9 and 13 pounds. Now that you’re kettlebell-obsessed like us, here are the four best kettlebells to stock up in your home gym.

Powder Coat Kettlebell from Kettlebell Kings

These kettlebells are classic-looking with a cast-iron finish and recessed logo, plus this brand carries a vast range of sizes that will definitely match your needs. Even better, if you pull a Hulk and crush your kettlebell, you’re covered with a lifetime guarantee.

Rogue Kettlebells

If you want to start using kettlebells, but you don’t want to spend a chunk of change on what’s essentially just a massive rock with a handle, Rogue is the brand for you. Their basic kettlebells cover all the necessities — heavy, well designed, and very highly reviewed. The US Army even uses this particular model for its Combat Fitness Test.

Kevlar Kettlebell from XD Fit

This is the kettlebell to go with if kettlebells make you nervous. You can get any size you need for a reasonable price, but what really makes these kettlebells special is the fancy DuPont Kevlar fiber. That’s just brand-speak for what’s mostly a kettlebell-cozy that makes your training sessions quieter and less prone to impromptu construction if you drop your kettlebell through the floor.