Weight loss can seem like a journey that never really ends. You can work out every day, but if you don’t eat right, you’ll never reach your weight loss goals. Or you can eat super clean every day, but if you don’t workout, your body will never be completely fit. Getting fit and losing weight has to be a combination of the two. Fad diets won’t work, either. You have to find a sustainable way of healthy eating and learn to love to workout. There are a few cardinal rules of weight loss, however- so when in doubt, make sure you follow these:

1. Strength Training

Even if you’re one of those people who love cardio, you still have to do strength training. It’s also important to remember that muscle weighs more than fat, so if you see the number on the scale go up, don’t freak out. Go by how your body feels, not what a number on a scale says. Building muscle is essential in weight loss because it helps you burn fat more efficiently.

2. Healthy Eating

You’ve probably heard the phrase before: abs are made in the kitchen. Clean eating is crucial to weight loss. Even if you workout for 2 hours every day, if you’re feeding your body unhealthy food, you’re not going to make much progress. Healthy eating is crucial for your mind to keep your energy levels high and for your body so it can preform at its highest potential.

3. Intense Workouts

That means going to the gym and laying on a yoga mat for 30 minutes isn’t going to help much. Training intensely is key to losing weight because it enables you to burn off calories. Make sure you do anaerobic exercises, which range from low to high intensity. It’s also important to switch up your workouts, so your body (and brain) don’t get used to the same routine. Getting a good sweat from an intense workout will not only help you lose weight but will clear your mind and give you a boost of energy!