Halle Berry is known for a lot of things, and fitness is undoubtedly one of them. Every Friday, Halle Berry showcases her workout on her Instagram page and titles the series “Fitness Friday.” Each one is targeting a different part of your body and is sure to get your blood flowing. This “Fitness Friday” workout was a 15-minute full-body workout.

The workout “can be squeezed into nearly every schedule,” and now we’re left contemplating if skipping our workout today is the best idea. Get your body burning with this quick and effective 15-minute sweat session, Halle Berry style:

1. Single-Dumbbell Front Squat

Start with one dumbbell at 10 to 30 pounds. Position your hands at the end of the dumbbells. Raise the dumbbell as high as you can and take 1 to 2 steps backward. Shift your weight into your heels and begin to lower into a squat. Stand back up and squeeze your glutes at the top of your squat.

2. Double-Dumbbell Skier Swing

Start with two dumbbells at 10 to 30 pounds. Keep your feet hip-width apart with a slight bend at your knees. Swing the dumbbells behind you, push your hips, and hamstrings back. You should have a slight arch in your back. Move your hips forward until your standing again and swing your arms up to your chest.

3. Single-Dumbbell Squat and Press

Start with one dumbbell at 10 to 30 pounds. Keep your legs slightly wider than hip-distance apart and raise your arms to your shoulders with your elbows bent. Bend your knees and press the dumbbells above your head as you return to a standing position.

4. Kneeling Curl, Press, and Overhead Triceps Extension

Start with one dumbbell at 10 to 30 pounds. Kneel on a mat with your knees on the ground and your body up straight. Hold a dumbbell with your hands on either side in front of your chest. Bring the weight of the dumbbell up and above your head. Then, stand up straight, while holding the dumbbell vertically behind your back with both hands. Bring the dumbbell up from behind your back to horizontally above your head.

5. Plyo Push-Up and Single-Dumbbell Row

End the workout with one minute of a modified push-up on your knees, bending down. Then, do one minute of a single dumbbell row. Lunge one leg in front of you and bend your body forward. Hold onto one 10 to 30-pound dumbbell with one hand and pull the dumbbell up with your elbow to the ceiling. Repeat on both sides.