When it comes to exercise, when our back hurts, we often resort to yoga to fix our problems. However, there might be something even better for relieving back pain.

Researches have tested the impact of yoga, tai chi, and qigong on our backs and have found that all three are helpful with the pain in our lower backs.

Since a considerable percentage of our population experiences lower back pain at some point in their lives, relieving pain is essential for a healthy life. Since using medications to relieve your back pain isn’t always the best idea, experts advise people to opt for exercise instead.

Researches compared the effects of yoga, tai chi, which mixes light exercise with sensible stretching, and qigong, which focuses on slow, repetitive, and relaxed movements.

Researchers have found that these movement-based exercises were effective in reducing the pain in the lower back. Since these exercises aren’t only good for our bodies, other benefits come with them like mindfulness, reduction of depression, and anxiety. Researchers also found out that high-intensity, more extended yoga exercise reduced the lower back pain, while tai chi was more effective than stretching in reducing pain in younger men. Tai chi showed better results when it came to reducing pain, pain intensity, and symptoms.

They also concluded that yoga could be hugely beneficial for military veterans who suffer from higher intensity lower back pain. Yoga and other mind-body exercises could help immensely with chronic pain

Since people with chronic back pain can have trouble completing daily mundane tasks and have a higher risk of functional limitations, exercise can be crucial for them. Back pain can also prevent individuals from doing their job or being on the top of their game, which is why many people resort to medication or even procedures hoping to reduce the pain. Since this research confirmed how vital these exercises could be, more people should start practicing them regularly.