Self-massaging is not only therapeutic, but it also opens you up to more knowledge about the body. As you get more familiar with the body’s pressure points, it becomes easier to relieve specific stressors.

To get a proper massage, though, you need to have the appropriate tools. We’re highlighting three tools with which you can use to relieve any tension in the muscles and self-massage.

Muscle roller stick

You might see many different brands’ interpretation of the muscle roller stick, but they mostly serve the same purpose. This tool is mainly used to relieve muscular pain and associated tension. This self-massage tool can be used in diverse regions of the body from the hamstrings to quads, neck, shoulders, and of course back. You can use it before or after workout sessions. The massage tool has an ergonomic design, meaning it stands the test of time. It’s lightweight and portable, so you can take it with you when you travel.

Massage balls

There are different types of massage balls. Some are larger than others. You might find ones with “spikes” all over it to get into smaller pressure points. Made of solid rubber, these balls are small enough to fit anywhere and can be used on several locations including the feet, back, neck, shoulders, etc. They also aid with blood circulation.

Foam roller

This tool helps in relieving or breaking the inflamed fascia tissue due to stress. The foam roller can also be used for posture correction and improvement. All you need to do is roll the foam roller over the affected, painful area back and forth with light or deep pressure for about two minutes. You’ll find the pressure on the muscles will be released. You can use the foam roller on the calves, hamstrings, neck, back, etc. This roller comes in different sizes ranging from 12-36 inches, as well as in various materials. Aim to foam roll at least once a week, especially if you work out often.