Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means uniting the individual spirit with the universal spirit. In layman terms, it means to hit the reboot button for the soul, so it starts fresh.

Yoga not only helps in bringing mental peace, but it also helps increase one’s energy, reduces stress, and promotes the overall mental and physical well-being of an individual. Like any other trip aimed at hitting the hard reset button, one needs to fly away to a far off land that exudes peaceful auras once in a while.

What better way than to recharge with a proper yoga retreat?

Anamaya Resort

If you are looking for secluded natural landscapes, then Costa Rica should be the first place you jot down in your travel journal. The Anamaya Resort is located on the edge of the coastal rainforest, where you will find numerous bespoke yoga retreats that offer the perfect place, setup and environment to relax and rejuvenate – both mentally and physically.

Las Lomas Jungle Retreat

Take in natural beauty as you wake up to the sound of birds chirping and sunlight entering through the windows. The naturally golden hour, the fresh breeze, and the smell of nature will help you compose yourself and star off your day with a whole new summer vibe. This property sits in the jungle surrounded by lush green trees and pristine beaches. You can sit by the sea and practice concentrating on your breathing or lay down under the open sky at night and enjoy the stars.


Take a break from the outside world as you gather your thoughts and feeling while enjoying the exotic 3-day yoga retreat at Ubud, Bali. This place is surrounded by beautiful natural rainforest and the river valley of Ubud. The area is a popular destination for yogis, so book ahead.

Pure Yoga Retreat

Located in Thailand, this place offers an excellent hideout for all the yogis who travel miles in search of a site that allows them to reconnect with their inner selves. You can meet a lot of like-minded yogis out here. The yogi community Koh Phanganngan is particularly hospitable and welcoming.


Situated in Sri Lanka, this fantastic retreat offers scenic beauty, best massages, and to top it all off an enormous number of Ayurvedic practitioners, who will walk you through health and wellness by introducing you to their historical methods of yoga along with an organic diet.

Make 2020 your year to recharge while you consider these places to reboot your system. Nothing beats coming back to the urban life entirely composed and revived.