Move over, Meghan Trainer! Youtube star Trisha Paytas is reclaiming the label “Fat Chicks” in a new body-positive music video for a single off her new EP of the same name. Anyone who’s ever felt unhappy with their weight will love Paytas’ swagger as she dances her way through a diner singing, “All my fat chicks where you at?” The song will have you dancing in your seat and craving a milkshake, so get ready.:

The 27-year-old manages to sneak some empowerment into a summer jam with her lyrics. She takes a break mid-video to chant:

“Now I know, I know. Fat is a word used to negatively bring down the girls with a little extra junk in the trunk.”

(Bonus points for sneaking ‘negatively’ and ‘junk in the trunk’ into the same sentence.)

She goes on:

“But being called ‘fat’ is just a label. A label put on to us by others who can’t handle all this wow, wow, wow. So I’ll take that label and wear it because it does not define me. You want to call me fat? Well, you’d be right. I am F-A-T: Fabulous And Tasty.”

Paytas even turns the hose on some skinny girls giving her the side eye at one point. I rolled my eyes at that flipped-script skinny-shaming until I saw the star describes herself on Twitter as “a mix between Woody Allen and your local hooker”..With a bio like that, you have to embrace her!

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