We cheered while watching the episode in season two of “Orange Is the New Black” when Sophia showed some of the girls a drawing of female anatomy, including all the parts and a description of the clitoral hood. Those ladies had no idea what was going on down there! They didn’t even know there was a seperate hole for pee, and Taystee was quite surprised at her own anatomy when she checked herself out in a mirror.

You might have laughed at this scene, but have you ever used a mirror and taken a long look at your lady parts? No? Then judge not, lest ye be judged! (Sorry—we just watched the nun-heavy episode.)

We applaud Sophia, but we’d like to take her good work a step further by explaining that no two vaginas look alike. There are myriad variations, so don’t freak if yours doesn’t look like what you expect. See below for just a few of the “normal” variations.

*Yes, we know that “vagina” isn’t the right technical word to use in the general sense, but since this is the catch-all term most ladies use, we are deferring to it for simplicity’s sake.