Arnicare is a line of products that uses Arnica montana to relieve pain. Arnica montana (aka wolf’s bane or mountain tobacco) is a plant in a lot of herbal remedies, including homeopathic ones, for healing bruises and minimizing soreness. Arnicare’s products are unscented, free of parabens, and don’t use artificial colors or perfume.

Product: Arnicare Gel

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How It Looks, How it feels: Arnicare Gel comes in a metal tube. It’s clear when you squeeze it out and not greasy at all. It goes on smooth and dries quickly.

How To Use It: Apply a thin layer to any area that is sore and massage gently (the sooner after injury the better). Repeat as often as needed, or around three times per day.

Results: I had thrown out my back likely from picking up and putting down a 25-pound baby many times a day. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to rub on the Arnicare Gel, and I do think it helped soothe my back heal within just a few days. I was applying the gel twice a day. (I should have done it more, but I am forgetful.) In the past, it’s taken up to a week for my back to feel better after something like this, but the pain got noticeably better after only three days this time.

Disclaimer: I received Arnicare Gel as a sample.