Learning how to limit your portion sizes is one of the toughest parts of eating healthy. Serving sizes are so inconsistent across the board, so it’s hard to track exactly how much you’re consuming. But new app Calorific takes out the guesswork by using simple, pretty food photography to depict 200-calorie portions of over 140 common foods and beverages, ABC News reported this week. British graphic designer Nic Mulvaney and photographer Tim Diacon scoured nutritional databases, cleaned out the grocery store shelves, prepped, styled and photographed 200 calories of each food.  You can also use Calorific for meal tracking and to note your water intake. If you ever wondered exactly how much birthday cake you could eat while still staying on your diet, this is the app for you.Related Articles:3 Plate Tricks to Curb OvereatingHow Much Is a Serving Size?