Everyone has different tricks for what they do before and after a workout. Some people swear by their pre-workout drink while other people claim their post-workout meal is key. But one of the weirdest ones of all is drinking pickle juice after a workout. Yes, pickle juice- you heard that right. Pickle juice is apparently great to drink after a workout, and this is why:

The ideal post-workout drink (other than water) is something that will refuel your body and be full of carbohydrates, sodium, and potassium. And apparently, pickle juice might be just that. Pickles are high in sodium, and when you sweat during a workout, your body loses sodium. So, pickle juice replenishes that.

Other people claim that pickle juice helps with post-workout muscle cramps. People believe that the high quantity of sodium and the leftover potassium in pickle juice helps to relieve muscle cramping because it re-hydrates the body faster than water does. Whether this is true has not quite been figured out.

One study showed that pickle juice was beneficial for strenuous exercises, like intense long-distance running or sports training. However, there has been little research to prove that pickle juice is beneficial for people who just regularly workout at the gym.

So- maybe it’s not ideal to be chugging pickle juice as your post-workout drink after all.

While pickle juice might have some benefits, it’s also high in sodium, which can be dangerous for people at risk of diabetes, kidney, or heart disease. Instead of reaching for the pickle jar post-workout, try a protein shake, coconut water, or just plain water. Leave the pickle juice for the pickles.